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2 Responses to Cleveland History Links

  1. Tom Higgins says:

    My uncle was Dr. Charles C. Higgins. He has a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic for his entire career. He died in 1989. He willed to me a beautiful vicuna top coat. I am trying to research the origin. The label on the coat is Schnitker Garmone Co. Cleveland. Does anyone have any information on this Men’s clothing firm. I believe the coat may have been made in the l950’s or earlier. Thank you. Tom Higgins

  2. Ame McNair says:

    It is entirely possible that your coat was made by Giovanni “John” Garmone who was a talented tailor in Cleveland for many decades at the turn of the century and beyond. His son was Fred W. Garmone (one of the original defense lawyers for Sam Sheppard).

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