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Michael DeAloia has enjoyed working with and for some of the best companies in the Cleveland area. He has suggested to everyone he talks to “that the best things in my life – both professionally and personally – have happened in Cleveland.” Perhaps best known for his term at the City of Cleveland as the Senior Executive for Technology Development, or “Tech Czar,” where he was responsible for the economic development of the technology industries in the City. During his tenure as the “Tech Czar,” Michael was able to recruit 37 tech companies into the City of Cleveland, which brought or created nearly 1,000 jobs. He was also instrumental in developing the eTech Hatchery, Hanna Tech Hotel, Idea Center and the Tyler Elevator Complex as tech hubs for the City.

He was also the Co-Founder and CFO of BlueBridge Networks, a Cleveland, OH-based provider of data center services. Michael also Co-Founded and is a major investor in LimeRibbon.com, a Cleveland, OH-bases social media shopping network platform. He also worked for LNE Group, FIT Technologies, Saltz, Shamis & Goldfarb, Ernst & Young, National City Venture Capital and National City Bank.

Michael is a nationally recognized blogger through his Tech Czar Notes and Cool History of Cleveland blogs. He has also spoken at numerous national economic development, technology and social media events including – NOTACON, Gov 2.5, the Online Marketing Summit and the Cool Twitter Conference – and many others. He has appeared on the Fox News channel’s John Stoessel Show and was included in the Drew Carey supported Reason Foundation documentary on Cleveland titled Reason Saves Cleveland. His  book “Lost Cleveland” was released by History Press on November 27, 2010. He also has two books of poetry Published – Roses on the Gates of Hell and Forever Mantras.

He sits on the Board of Trustees for the Ingenuity Festival. Michael earned his MBA from Case Western Reserve University and his Bachelors degree from Xavier University. Michael currently lives in Ohio City and is enjoying the Bachelor Lifestyle.

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@LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/mdealoia

@FourSquare – http://foursquare.com/user/techczar

@SlideShare – www.slideshare.net/techczar

@YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/TheTechCzar


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