A Fellow History Buff Book Tour

During my early years in Cleveland (remember I am not from Cleveland; moved here in 1994), I started to read the great stories of Cleveland past by John Stark Bellamy. His books on Cleveland’s history are fascinating. Do yourself a favor and search Amazon and start buying a few copies. Anyway my good friends at Gray & Co – a Cleveland, OH-based book publisher, asked me to help publicize the tour a bit. John is the real deal. You will enjoy his conversations about Cleveland’s crazy past.

John returns to town April 4-16, 2011 for a series of talks based on his new book, “The Last Days of Cleveland.”Bellamy will share stories about some of the gruesome crimes and scandalous events from Cleveland’s past including: the suicide of two West Park girls (ages 10 and 11) who died after eating rat poison in their grandmother’s basement; the wild prophecies of the Rowenites who announced the apocalypse would take place at midnight on February 6, 1925 then gathered on rooftops in Garfield Heights to wait for the end; and the murder of George Saxton, playboy brother of President William McKinley whose sensational death and the murder trial of his mistress riveted an entire nation.

He is the author of six story collections and two anthologies and the former history specialist for the Cuyahoga County Library system, John Stark Bellamy retired to Vermont in 2004. He visits Cleveland periodically to speak about his work. For an online schedule of Bellamy’s upcoming library talks, visit: http://www.grayco.com/events/index.shtml#Bellamy



About Tech Czar
Former "Tech Czar" for the City of Cleveland, fascinated by the civic space, history (Cleveland & Military), entrepreneurship, social media, food and travel. My first book on Cleveland history will be published by History Press (www.historypress.net) this fall.

2 Responses to A Fellow History Buff Book Tour

  1. John Stark Bellamy II says:

    Thank you for the kind words and its great to see you website making such a great contribution to the current and long overdue revival of interest in the fascinating history of this wonderful city.

  2. Don Boone says:

    I recently purchased an address book from a thrift store in Albuquerque ,
    New Mexico Inside was a wealth of history like a time capsule from years gone by One of the phone numbers listed was Statler Hotel. The interesting puzzle in finding out something from the owner of this personal telephone listings was there were only 5 digits to each number there are other listings pertaining to cleavland such as cleavland clinic.. There are also many listings regarding Lakewood which I am sure is a nearby township. Looking for a way to get public phone numbers from the 1950s to help solve this riddle and return this personal phonebook to any family members still existing

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