Campus Sweater Company – “One Damn Fine Mural”

All right Cleveland, do me a favor and check this photo out!

Photo provided courtesy of the Cleveland Press Archives.

Is this not the most spectacular sports mural you have ever seen? This was a Kenneth Bates mural created specifically for the lobby of the new Campus Sweater Company building at 3955 Euclid Avenue. Campus Sweater Company was launched in 1922 by entreprenuers Samuel Kaufmann and Loren Weber originally in the Warehouse District. The Company specialized in casual clothes, sportswear and sweaters. At one time it was the largest manufacturer of men’s clothing in the U.S. (Wasn’t everything in Cleveland once the “largest in the U.S.?) The Company was eventually acquired by Interco in 1968 and enjoyed good fortune in Cleveland until 1982 when the plant was closed ending any presence of Campus Sweater in Cleveland. The building became an office for the county.

What I find fascinating about the mural (outside of its gorgeous look) was that it was placed in front of a large “picture window” on Euclid Avenue so that everyone walking along the street could see this magnificant piece of art. Kenneth Bates, too, was a world renown artist who was based out of the Cleveland Institute of Art. The building this piece was a part of, I believe, is now gone – but I would love to know what happened to this great piece of art. Does anyone have any ideas? Please, please, please let me know.



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4 Responses to Campus Sweater Company – “One Damn Fine Mural”

  1. Andrew Samtoy says:

    I love how, at the time, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell and Yale had sports teams on the same level as Ohio (and Michigan and USC).

    Go Bucks!

  2. Bridget says:

    If that got torn down? I am going to lose a small but important part of my faith in humanity.

  3. Evan says:

    That building is still there. It is now Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services. As to the location of the mural, it is a mystery that might be figured out with a little diligent research. CFS started populating the building in the spring of 1985.

  4. Darleen Burnison says:

    I work for Campus for 21 yrs. When Campus moved to N.J. the mural went with the company. The company closed in 1991. Have no ideal what happened to the mural after that.

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